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    So, I’ve been using a Microsoft Sidewinder for a few years but the rubber track ball has started to literally disintegrate in my hand. It’s gross.

    Also, the fact that it only has two side buttons has kind of annoyed me for a while. Anyone have a recommendation for something not too pricey that is similar, has a plastic wheel and at least 3 easy to reach side buttons?

    I mostly use the mouse for DOTA 2 so I can deal with 5 buttons in total. No fancy DPI stuff as I never use it.


    I own a Razer Naga Hex and I recommend it fully. 6 side buttons (Perfect for all DOTA 2 items or spells on one hand) and the mouse itself is well built. It replaced my aging Naga Pro (The 12 button one) – I really only play DotA 2 and it’s done quite well.


    wot you on about. hes posted in the gaming thread when it should be in the accessories thread which i linked too which would get more replies.and dito. back at ya

    You need to stop the answer spam. Don’t reply if you have nothing useful to contribute.


    dispensing bad advice, really. so you decide my post is bad advice pointing the OP to the correct place to ask for advice on a mouse.

    the header of the gaming thread where we are posting now says ”

    Gaming (Software and Graphics Cards)

    Talk about games and mobile graphics cards here.

    the header of the link i posted in my first post says ”


    Mice, backpacks and other external peripherals forum.

    so i am pointing the OP to the correct place to post where he would get more replies instead of stupid of topic posts like ours. sorry i meant yours but then of course i have every right to reply.
    i hold my hands up and must say it should have read “you need to post this in the accessories sub thread where you will get more replies” but as i was at work and just typing it out i had an emergency crash call (heart attack) so i just hit post quickly and left my computer to try and help save someones life. think that took priority.

    so my sig is advertising is it. in a way yes, and in a way no.
    i buy a computer so i show what computer i have which is what a signature is for.
    oh look, so do you.

    everything else in my sig is to help other forum members ie. monitoring, free burning and nvidia graphics.

    so a simple question before we go back on topic is

    whats your problem?

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