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Microtek SEBz 1000/12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter $120.00

Brand: Microtek
Type: Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Model Number: JM SW 11000i/180V
Solar Power Compatible: No
Output Features
Efficiency: >80%
Output voltage(mains mode):Same as input Output voltage(UPS mode):220v(+-10%)
Output frequency: 49Hz-51Hz
Output Power: 8000Watts
Input Features
Input Frequency: 50 Hz
Input Voltage: 100 V -280 V
Dimensions: 8850x585x810

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1 in stock


Microtek JUMBO Hi-Capacity UPS use Hi-Grade IGBTs and a DSP-based PWM technology.

The JUMBO Hi-Capacity UPS was created with industrial loads and high-capacity sophisticated appliances in mind.

Microtek JUMBO Hi-Capacity UPS are ideal for appliances that demand a high surge current, such as motors and compressors.


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