Microtek SOLAR PCU 2335/24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Microtek UPS JM SW 3500/36V Pure Sine Wave Inverter $330.00

Brand: Microtek
Type: Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Model Number: UPS JM SW 2500/24V
Solar Power Compatible: No
Output Features
Efficiency: 85 %
Output Voltage: 230V(±10V)
Output frequency: 50Hz
Input Features
Input Frequency: 50Hz
Input Voltage: 120 V
Dimensions: Width 40 cm, Height 20 cm, Depth 40 cm, Weight 11 kg

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DSP/ HIGH-END MICRO CONTROLLER BASED UPS JUMBO models are designed using latest state-of-the-art Technology for Optimum Performance and Highcr Reliability.

-DSP/High-end micro controller based PWM technology using MOSFET: DSP/High-end micro controller used where the internal digital frequency control is at a speed of as high as 40 MIPS (millions instructions Per Second).

-ACEC (Analog Compare Error Correction) technology based PWM for the generation of Pure Sine Wave: Using ACEC technology the PWM is corrected.

-Boost based PWM controlled Intelligent Multistage Battery Management Charging Technology, the input power factor maintains 0.85 which reduces the electricity bills.

-Wiring Fault, Overload, Short-Circuit, Battery Low, Reverse Phase, Reverse Battery Protections

-ASC (Assessing System Configuration) software technique is being incorporated.

The software verifies all the critical system parameters before the system starts, & keep on assessing the system parameters while the system is running.

-Delivers unmatched noise free performance. -UPS mode: Very useful with computer type of applications, music studios or medical etc.

-CBT (Controls Battery Temperature) technique is our new innovation, with the help of technique the battery temp. never exceeds the standard limit of the temp. inside the battery.

-Replicates Mains: Ensure same power quality as from mains with a Crest factor of as high as 3.7.

-LCDILED indication for Status & Fault, Load & Battery indication.

-PLPO: Peak Load Peak Output ensures high peak load handling capacity. -Generator Compatible.


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