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Microtek JM SW 5500/48V $1,500.00

Brand: Microtek
Type: Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Model Number: UPS SEBz 800 (12V)
Solar Power Compatible: No
Output Features
Efficiency: 85 %
Output Voltage: 230V
Output frequency: 50 Hz
Input Features  Input Frequency: 50 Hz
Input Voltage: 230V
Dimensions: Width 30 cm, Height 15 cm, Depth 34 cm, Weight 9 kg
Country of Origin: India

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MICROTEK UPS SEBz Sinewave Series is a Micro Controller design-based, External Battery UPS system with unique features.

UPS SEBz Series is based on Intelli Pure Sinewave Technology, which ensures Noiseless.

Safe and Efficient Performance along with Longer Backup, -Pure Sine Wave Inverter -Battery Deep Discharge/Over Charge Protection: The UPS has In-built Electronic Protection Circuit that protects the Batteries from getting Deep Discharged or Over Charged.


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