solar battery

The difference between solar batteries and car batteries is that solar batteries are used to store electricity, in order to reduce the waste of electrical energy obtained from the wind, sea, and sun, and to cover the nighttime.

The difference between car batteries and solar batteries:

Some systems may be offered at low prices, as the system is connected with normal car batteries, but they work for a short period, and then the customer finds himself compelled to buy the original batteries again, but it is too late.

Solar batteries are charged as long as the sun is shining, and they live 3000 cycles when they are 50% discharged, and 1300 cycles when discharged at 30%. As for car batteries, they do not live more than 100 cycles when they are 50% discharged.

Solar batteries give an amount of charge for a long time, while car batteries spoil after a short period because they are designed to give a large amount of electric charge in a short period. Solar batteries can discharge their full charge 100% without being damaged 200 times, while car batteries are damaged after they are fully discharged only between 12 and 15 times.

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Types of solar batteries:

There are many types of batteries, including:

-Lead-Acid Battery: 12V or 24V voltage value.

-Flooded Lead Acid Batteries: They are lead plates that are completely immersed in an electrolyteable liquid.

-Wet Flooded Battery: It can do about 500 discharging operation.

-AGM battery: It absorbs electrical ionization in a sponge mat.

-Gel battery: It performs a deep discharging cycle.

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Solar batteries specifications:

-Electrical voltage: It is the power of the battery that absorbs the sun.

-Charging voltage: It is represented by using the lowest voltage to charge the battery.

-Battery capacity: It is the amount of energy that can be stored in the battery. Discharge rate: the maximum current that the battery can transfer. Charging rate, which is the maximum current that the battery can be charged.

-Maximum charge-discharge depth: It is the amount that can be extracted from the battery.

-Battery evaluation: It means choosing the most appropriate battery in terms of price and capacity (energy):

Rating = (Efficiency * DOD * Number of Cycles * Battery Capacity (KWH)) / Price of the battery).

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