solar panels

solar panel

Solar panels are a group of solar cells (PV cells) connected together within a single frame, and connected to each other in a parallel or series way, as it works to convert the incident light from sunlight into a potential difference that causes the passage of an electric current in the wires, and when collecting a group of The solar panels are combined into a larger frame called in such a case a “solar panel array,” and the term (PV) is an acronym for: Photovoltaic, which refers to the way the cells inside the solar panels work. Types of solar panels Although all solar panels work in the same way, there are several types of them on the market, differing among themselves with several differences that must be recognized to choose the right type for the site, and among the most famous types of solar panels:

Solar Type (mono-crystalline):

It is known as single-crystal silicon panels, and is characterized by the purity of Crystalline from which the cells are made, where solar cells are composed of silicon alloys cutting on chipset, and this kind is the most expensive and gives high efficiency cells, which reduces the number of plate needed to give the same amount of electricity Other, and also excites its ability to work efficiently in the dim light, as well as its lifetime.

Solar panel type (poly-crystalline):

It is called polycrystalline solar panels, and it differs from the monocrystalline type in shape, where the cells are compact squares, and their efficiency is medium, which leads to the need for a larger number of them to obtain the same electricity, which is less expensive than the monocrystalline type, and it comes with a long lifetime.

Solar panel type (thin film):

This type is characterized by its flexibility and ease of installation. It is thin, streamlined, harmonious and good in appearance. It is cheap compared to other types. It is not affected by climatic changes and clouds, but its efficiency is low, which calls for the use of a larger number of cells to cover larger areas to obtain the same amount of electrical energy that can be obtained from other species, as well as its lifetime.


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